5 Timeless Business Lessons from Our Ancestors


Choose your target wisely

A group of hunters will track down a herd of antelope.

Focus on one thing at a time

The next step for the hunters is to attempt to separate one of the antelopes from the herd.


Use the specialist

After the group has successfully separated one of the animals, they choose just one hunter to chase him down. This is the best runner in the group. While he is working for the team’s success, he is using his specific skillsets.

Persist until you succeed

The antelope is faster than the runner, and he will struggle to keep up. The only difference is that while most animals must slow down to catch their breath and cool down, humans can continue for hours on end.

“it is not given to me to know how many steps are necessary in order to reach my goal. Failure I may still encounter at the thousandth step, yet success hides behind the next bend in the road.”


Use the simplest tool

The hunter, seeing the dispirited antelope lying on its side will then use nothing more than a sharpened stick to pierce its neck and put it out of its misery.

Further Reading

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

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