A Simple Strategy to Get More Customers

Whether you trying to grow or just stay alive — you still need a strategy

Altaaf Aboo
7 min readMay 19, 2021

When you first started, you may have gotten your first customers by word of mouth, through your personal network or walk-ins to your store.

You may now be experiencing a lull in your business, or you managed to catch your breath and are ready to grow to the next level.

The next level, though, requires a strategy — a strategy for gaining new customers.

A strategy doesn’t need to be complicated or take long to create.

The best strategies are simple and actionable.

You will generally have a sales and a marketing effort that goes into gaining new customers. These should be intricately linked to maximize the value to the company.

In large businesses, we sometimes find that a salesperson will be going out on their own, perhaps calling potential clients from their personal black book. At the same time, the marketing team is focused on some social media ads and the two are entirely disconnected.

In a small business, all these jobs may be yours. Even so, sales and marketing are the two primary tools to gain new customers.



Altaaf Aboo

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