Be the Fairy Godmother Not the Princess

Your goal should be to guide your customer to success

Altaaf Aboo
7 min readMay 4, 2021

Your customers don’t care about your business or how long you have been around.

They are neither interested in your achievements nor any other of your business’s milestones.

They care about what you can do for them.

Everyone is on their own journey. We want to be successful and happy. In the story of our own lives, we are the hero.

We are the main character in our own life while everyone else is a supporting character.

It’s not about your product or service, but it’s about what your customer wants to achieve.

If you are not going to help your customer on their journey to happiness and success, they don’t care about you.

Companies often advertise about all the things they have achieved and how long ago they were established.

If you have a DIY store and your customer wants to buy a hammer, how does it help him that your business was established in 1963?

The story that starts in 1963 is about your business, and you are the hero for founding it and realizing that there was a gap in the market when you were just 16.



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