Don’t Follow the Habits of Billionaires

Rather create the habits that will make you successful

Altaaf Aboo
6 min readMar 25, 2021

These so-called billionaire routines require one to get up at 4 AM to read, exercise and meditate.

Neither reading, exercising, nor meditating generates any money at all.

Unless you are a fitness model, no one will pay you to go to the gym. All these things will cost you time or money and sometimes both.

To follow in the paths of successful people, we often try to replicate their habits.

Instead, we need to take a deeper look to understand their personality traits that led to these habits.

Rather than looking at their external behavior, we should dig deeper to understand their way of thinking and how it applies to our lives.

Scraping one level below the surface will provide much more insight into the psyche of successful individuals.

Let’s take a few examples and focus on their personality traits that led to the external habits and ultimately their success.

After all, if all it took were reading a book a week and waking up at 4 AM, there would be far more billionaires than there are today.



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