This Is How Entrepreneurs Get More Done in Less Hours

They generally don’t fill their days from end to end and often work reasonable hours

Altaaf Aboo
7 min readJul 16, 2021



Successful entrepreneurs are problem solvers, but one of the problems they can’t solve is that there are only 24 hours in a day.

Though, from the outside, it seems that they get more done in a single day than us mere mortals can get done in a week. But, the truth is that they have figured out how to use less time to get more done.

They generally don’t fill their days from end to end and often work reasonable hours. It’s just that they know how to use their hours better.

Decide faster

We often want to take the time to make well thought through decisions. However, we will only know if we made the right decisions after the fact.

We generally only know around 20% of the information up front and will find out the rest after going through with it.

Most decisions also tend to be less permeant than we think. Jeff Bezos explained that most decisions are reversible. Very few things in life are truly permanent.

You can find a new job if you quit your old one. Start a new business if the previous one failed. Find new friends if you move to a new town.

The best way to figure out which is the correct answer when deciding is to use your gut. If you make the wrong decision, which you certainly will at some point, admit it quickly and change course.

We get stuck making decisions because there isn’t a right answer most of the time, at least not right now.

To solve this problem, you need to make your decisions reversible so that you can walk back when you guess wrong.

When you quit your job to become an entrepreneur, don’t do it by taking a crap on your boss’s desk. Neither figuratively and definitely not literally.

You may want to come back to this or find another boss who you don’t want to have seen your viral quitting video.

When you start a new business or add a new product, don’t invest every last penny so that you cannot afford to learn from your decisions.



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